Harry Potter : The Exhibition 18 Nov 2017

Let’s agree on a date and go!
It’s 12,50€



Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I’m not sure to which movie theater we should go. Cine Ideal is closed and doesn’t say when they’re opening. So please suggest a movie theater in the center so we can buy ticket ASAP 😀

The Ramblings of Stephen M. Giannucci: a Lovecraftian Mystery Hunt

Is there a better way to celebrate Spain’s National Day than running around the city, trying to put together the name of a Lovecraftian Elder God from the senseless ramblings of a demented expat? I think not!
In this game, you will have to follow the writings of a certain Stephen M. Giannucci (who killed his wife, children and himself under mysterious circumstances) across the city to discover what otherworldly entity drove him insane. You won’t be alone in this task though: you will team up randomly with two more supernatural sleuths to beat the other teams competing to solve the mystery. The winning team will get a promotion within the Spanish Ministry of Eldritch Affairs (and free drinks after the game!).

You will need:
-€3 entry fee.
-Comfortable shoes.
-A smartphone with internet connection.
-A monthly zone A pass/10-trip ticket/money to purchase public transport tickets.
-Some basic Spanish and a working knowledge of the city.
-(Suggested) Some pocket money, snacks and water.

The game will only take place if there is a minimum of 6 people signed up, with a limit of 12 people. The rules will be explained then. Show the rest of the geeks you are Madrid’s smartest & fastest Mulder/Scully!

Sunday epic games: Mage Knight and more

Let’s play some boardgames! We want to try Mage Knight, but we have many other heavy, medium or light games we can play and you are also welcome to suggest and bring your own. Feel free to ask any question regarding the event or games we’ll be playing. Make sure to allow messages from other meetup members as I’ll be sending you the full address privately close to the date.

NaNoWriMo Prep

Anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year? 

If so, let’s meet and do some outlining or research away from distractions, like netflix, and pesky loved ones.

Or maybe you’ve thought about writing but didn’t know where to start?
I’ll be using the snowflake method, which is basically sprinting your novel.

– Get Ulysses app for free on all ios/mac devices between now and December 1st, as part of NaNoWriMo promotion
–  trello for nanowrimo planning

– Ambient writing sounds harry potter lovers


The flying balloon girl

Since a couple of weeks this idea is spinning in my head: What about buying a bottle of helium, gathering some old children’s clothes, a bunch of balloons, build a realistic looking, fully dressed “girl”, attach some more balloons to her hand/glove and let her fly? …maybe with a fishing line attached to pull her back to earth if things go south?

We’ll set up camp already at 16:00hrs, bring Kubb (viking chess) and a self made Flinstones-vehicle (for four passengers) to pass some fun time until everyone’s there.

Saturday game night fever

Caro and I want to play some boardgames and you are invited. We have mostly medium to heavy games, but you are welcome to suggest and bring yours. Feel free to ask any question regarding the event or games we’ll be playing.

Friday games night

First ever games night at my new place! Also for people who couldn’t make it to the South Park night.
I’m still quite low on boardgames though. I only have Catan so please bring all the games you have! It’ll be nice if you comment with what you’re bringing for other people to see.

Train of Thought Boardgames

Let’s meet up, play boardgames and roast the host for the stupid meetup title pun! 🙂 

The place has a range of games although some may be a bit old, so bring your own favourites as you please. It’s cool inside, so if you want to escape the Madrid heat, this is the place to be. They specialise in cocktails, but they have normal drinks too of course. 

Anybody’s welcome! New people will be embraced with open arms. So come and see if the competition is more than you can choo choo! 😉

Super Fun Time and Fishsticks

South Park viewing of the best episodes and South Park themed dinner. I’ll be making fish sticks and some dessert. everyone can bring/or not bring whatever they want!
This is to celebrate my new place with a first meet up!