First Landing: a Scavenger Hunt

Come meet the aliens, in case you missed their visit last year! First Landing is a scavenger hunt set in the amazing massive Juan Carlos I park (Metro Feria de Madrid), where you will have to follow clues with your randomly-picked team to determine if some extra-terrestrial entities are coming, and if so whether they’re friendly or hostile. This game will test your exploring skills, your social skills and your wit.

-€5 entry fee (payable on site).
-Comfortable clothes and sport/hiking shoes.
-Snacks and water.
-One smartphone per team.
-A pencil.
-A cap and sunglasses to cover you from the sun (should you need them).
-Are you allergic to any plants or trees? This park hosts a great diversity of them, so you’d better come antihistamined :P.

Please note that the event will only take place with a minimum of 6 attendees showing up.

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