Terror Marathon

The idea is to watch terror movies I have chosen two movies (not very well known but great quality) from the eighties or that remind that decade: Prison and Clown. In the middle we will play board games about the same genre. I have Dead End, The Thing, Zombies Dice. If you have a terror boardgame and wanna bring it we can try.

We will play at my dungeon, I will give the exact adress the same day of the event to the people signed out. So please be sure you have opened the option to receive messages or e mails.

If you wanna bring food or drings there is a great store (Eco Asian) in Juan Bravo 71 (very close to my dungeon). Also there is a Simply in the area. The closest subway entrance is Diego de León (line 4, 5 and 6).

The Final Barbecue

Roast your favourite food as we burn down my apartment in a final farewell to the best view of Madrid’s cityscape.

Labour Day Board Games

Come join us this sunny afternoon to celebrate that we don’t have to work today by playing board games at Café Manuela, right in the centre of Malasaña.
You can bring your own games, but they have massive piles of them in the café. They also have beers, wines, soft drinks, juices, sandwiches,…

Cinco de Mayo Games Night

I have Settlers of Catan with all of the expansions and please feel free to bring your own board game(s). Let’s see what we can put together! Feel free to comment if you have any games that you’d like to bring.

Retromadrid 2017!

Guys, Retromadrid is happening tomorrow. I had been thinking that there were no available tickets for the event, but they updated their info and it turns out that a 5 euros “voluntary reward” includes a ticket for one day. So I’m publishing this suggestion in a hurry, being aware that most people will have planned their weekend, but hoping there’s someone who can join this. I am definitely going to attend this event: so, whoever that wants to come along with me is very welcome. I am also publishing this at the Gamers Multiculturales group, offering both English speakers and Spanish speakers to join (of course, at the event, their activities are in Spanish, so it would be recommendable to have some understanding of the language).

For those of you who don’t know Retromadrid, it’s about retro video gaming. I had been looking forward to a new edition so eagerly, because the last one was in 2014. So, you can tell this occassion in kind of unique… You can check their schedule here:


By the way, there’s even a concert of chip music from 8 pm 😉

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

So, Yelmo Cine Ideal is closed for renovations until the fall. Anyone up for seeing the movie in VOSE at Cinesa Manotera? The theaters there are also a lot nicer than Ideal. 

Saturday the 29th at 16:00 or 18:50? Please comment if you have a preferred time. Here’s the link to the tickets.

Serenity Sunday Part 3

Come tomorrow for watching the third part of Joss Whedon’s Firefly series! If you don’t mind starting in the middle, you can also join if you haven’t come so far and we’ll update you.

Bring snacks and drinks.

Address will be PMed.

Heroes Manga Madrid!

We have another chance to Cosplay it up and get down with Manga, Tatami, Videogames and so much more! Get your tickets online at this site: http://www.easyfairs.com/es/heroes-manga-madrid-2017/expomanga-2017/info/entradas/

It’s going at again at IFEMA in Pabellión 9 from 9am-9pm Saturday and 9am to 8pm Sunday. I don’t have a specific time to arrive yet but we can coordinate when I know how many people are going. So let’s get geeky!

Serenity Saturday aka Part 2

Last weekend we started the epic quest for The Holy Firefly, but got stuck in castle Aaargh. Time to get unstuck, lob the proverbial Holy Handgrenade into space and get into some more witty sexual innuendo, and arguably some action too.

Be not afraid if you have missed the first part kids, because even after 5 Firefly episodes we can still update you on all the juicy bits (especially the scenes with corpses hanging down from the ceiling).
So forget Ridley Scott and come on down to Julio and Caro’s place for some more Joss Whedon space cowboy awesomeness.

Bring snacks and drinks.

Address will be sent to all those signed up on the day itself.