Heroes Manga Madrid!

We have another chance to Cosplay it up and get down with Manga, Tatami, Videogames and so much more! Get your tickets online at this site: http://www.easyfairs.com/es/heroes-manga-madrid-2017/expomanga-2017/info/entradas/

It’s going at again at IFEMA in Pabellión 9 from 9am-9pm Saturday and 9am to 8pm Sunday. I don’t have a specific time to arrive yet but we can coordinate when I know how many people are going. So let’s get geeky!

Serenity Saturday aka Part 2

Last weekend we started the epic quest for The Holy Firefly, but got stuck in castle Aaargh. Time to get unstuck, lob the proverbial Holy Handgrenade into space and get into some more witty sexual innuendo, and arguably some action too.

Be not afraid if you have missed the first part kids, because even after 5 Firefly episodes we can still update you on all the juicy bits (especially the scenes with corpses hanging down from the ceiling).
So forget Ridley Scott and come on down to Julio and Caro’s place for some more Joss Whedon space cowboy awesomeness.

Bring snacks and drinks.

Address will be sent to all those signed up on the day itself.

Serenity Sunday

Stop laying with the Buffy and come and laze away watching all eps of Firefly (1 season) and contemplate what might have become one of the greatest geeky series sprung from Josh Whedon’s brilliant mind.

Bring your Sunday smooth sailing smile, snacks&sodas & sleepyamas.

The address – this time really the last time ever before my dictator friend will reinstate martial law and reinstall himself as the sole ruler of the kingdom – will be known to most of you droogs or will be sent to those deemed valiant enough to partake in this sitting of epic proportions.

You may enter the castle Aaargh later, but only if you answer 3 questions offered by the kind doorman.

Ready to sign up? 1-2-5 erm I mean 3-go!

Games Night

I have Settlers of Catan with all of the expansions and please feel free to bring your own board game(s). Let’s see what we can put together! Feel free to comment if you have any games that you’d like to bring.

Epic Games: Caylus

“1289. To strengthen the borders of the Kingdom of France, King Philip the Fair decided to have a new castle built. For the time being, Caylus is but a humble village, but soon, workers and craftsmen will be flocking by the cartload, attracted by the great prospects. Around the building site, a city is slowly rising up…”

…sounds like a peaceful worker placement game, but will prove to be the ultimate challenge to every single strategic cell in your brain. No favours, no mercy, no leverage must be given. No one cares about second place.

Movie Night: Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Edition

For all geeks that have or have not seen the movie yet (I haven’t!).
Alcohol optional, fun mandatory.
The plan is to watch the movie on Joris’ borrowed tv in his borrowed apartment. I don’t have the movie myself, so we should borrow it from someone – please write in the comments if you have it, otherwise we can look for it on the interwebs.

Since we begin at 7:00, we should easily have time for a 2nd or 3rd movie as well – so feel free to come with suggestions 🙂


The nearest metro station is Moncloa (yellow line), which is just around the corner. You can also get off at Islas Filipinas (orange line), which is a little further away. The building is opposite club Penelope and Gotham, so once you run into hordes of loud and already drunk teenagers, you know you’re close.

To bring:

We have an oven so you can bring any bake-offs with you, but it would probably be more convenient to get kebab/falafel/pizza from one of the places virtually on our doorstep. A La Plaza de Dia and two alimentaciones are just 50m away too.

Please bring snacks and BYOB. In my experience geeks don’t bring lots of alcohol, so make sure you have at least enough for yourself (non-alcoholic drinks/tea too).

Bringing bean bags/pillows to sit on might not be a bad idea!

Oh, fashionably late please. I’m not a big fan of people who come too early 😉

Games Night

I have Settlers of Catan with all of the expansions and please feel free to bring your own board game(s). Let’s see what we can put together! Feel free to comment if you have any games that you’d like to bring.

Game night this week to break the it up

Hey, I’m looking to have something to look forward to during the middle of the week, what better than board games! I can bring Five Tribes and Star Realms as well as Story Rory Cubes. Anyone interested?