Game of Thrones: Mother of Dragons Expansion

Dear all,

I am organizing a Game of Thrones: Mother of Dragons Expansion game for next holiday Wednesday May 1st.

As we are playing the expansion, it would be preferable (though not compulsory) to have players experienced with the original Game of Thrones board game. Simply because we want all players to have the same chances to survive and to enjoy their rights to the Iron Throne!

Very briefly, there is a bunch of new rules, such as i) Houses Arryn and Targaryan, ii) a new deck of Targaryan Events iii) Essos continent and iv) the bank of Braavos.

I am seeking 6 players (we are 2 already), so that we will play a full game and avoid the vassal houses rule (which is also a new possibility under Mother of Dragons).

We will play near Manuel Becerra (exact address to be revealed later) and we shall begin around 16h o 17h, because a 10 turn game will last around 6 hours.

Now Winter is really coming…

See you!

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