Arcade Games and Socializing at Next Level Madrid

Hey geeks, it’s been a while since we last organized a social meetup, and we have plenty of new faces this year! If you’re like me, you probably miss spending a couple of hours with your mates inserting coin after coin, karate-chopping your best friends and challenging strangers to a deadly match of tennis or King of Fighters. Next Level Madrid offers free arcade machines with the purchase of a drink (soft or alcoholic), so come burn your retinas and socialize with us this Friday playing Street Fighter, Dinosaurs & Cadillacs, Metal Slug, Crazy Taxi,… And they also have a dance machine for the non-coordination impaired :P! We can go afterwards to grab a bite nearby or take a walk. Hadouken!
Note: if you’re coming late, let us know in the comments section so that we’ll wait for you inside.

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