Cthulhu Old West: The Iron Trail

Lovecraft country, they say, is way back in the East. Out here in the West, it’s just dust and grit and death. Ain’t noone needs a monster to kill them here. The sun will do that just fine. And, failin’ that, we got all sorts of shooters, hucksters and strange folk just waitin’ for ya. Nah, you wanna shit your pants ‘fore ya die, ya stay East. Out here, ya stare it right in the face. An’ then ya die.

The Cthulhu: Down Darker Trails Role-Playing Game is the chronicle of what happened before the Investigators ever investigated The Haunting, before the got their tickets to the Orient Express and looked behind the Masks of Nyarlathotep. It is the stories of That Which Should Not Be in the 1870’s North America.
It is a time of connections, when the great transcontinental railways were built and the Gang of Four ruled the tracks. It is a time of risk, when your horse going lame would mean you wouldn’t reach the next water hole. And it is the time of six-shooters and harsh judgments when sheriffs lived more by their word than the letters of the law.
Your character is one of Pinkerton’s Investigators, hired to go into the wilderness and seek out what holds up the Union Pacific Rail Road. And we ain’t talking cowboys here.

You up for the job, pardner?

This adventure will be the first of three, run once a month at my place in Guindalera.

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