Dungeons & Dragons: Servants to the Dark Lord

Have you ever felt the need to conquer and enslave whole medieval-like fictional lands? Are you tired of playing the righteous good guys? Do you believe Sauron is just a bullied victim of the all-white powers of Middle-Earth? Then this is your game!
An unholy mélange of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Arthurian romances and Skyrim, in this role-playing game you will head to a Northern region as emissaries of a rising Dark Lord. Your aim: subjugate the free peoples. In a world of low magic and competing noble dynasties, how will you use your cunning, charm and brute force for evil?
Join our squad of doom if this sounds appealing to you, even if you’re absolutely new to role-playing games. You only need to be a reliable person and have a couple of free Sundays a month (but please bear in mind this is not a game for psychopaths, lone wolves or players who like to bicker). The date shown here is merely orientative.

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