The Ramblings of Stephen M. Giannucci: a Lovecraftian Mystery Hunt

Is there a better way to celebrate Spain’s National Day than running around the city, trying to put together the name of a Lovecraftian Elder God from the senseless ramblings of a demented expat? I think not!
In this game, you will have to follow the writings of a certain Stephen M. Giannucci (who killed his wife, children and himself under mysterious circumstances) across the city to discover what otherworldly entity drove him insane. You won’t be alone in this task though: you will team up randomly with two more supernatural sleuths to beat the other teams competing to solve the mystery. The winning team will get a promotion within the Spanish Ministry of Eldritch Affairs (and free drinks after the game!).

You will need:
-€3 entry fee.
-Comfortable shoes.
-A smartphone with internet connection.
-A monthly zone A pass/10-trip ticket/money to purchase public transport tickets.
-Some basic Spanish and a working knowledge of the city.
-(Suggested) Some pocket money, snacks and water.

The game will only take place if there is a minimum of 6 people signed up, with a limit of 12 people. The rules will be explained then. Show the rest of the geeks you are Madrid’s smartest & fastest Mulder/Scully!

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