Trail of Cthulhu: Soviet Nightmares

October 1926, Moscow. In the damp outskirts, a regular tavern patron is gruesomely choked to death. He hailed from the rebellious Eastern provinces, so nobody gives a fig, not even the NKVD. Hidden in his shirt, the credits page of a book. A pious burly man has fled from the scene to his sordid hotel room. Was it just a hate crime? And where did that queer brownish liquid come from?
Our team of investigators needs two new sleuths to find out the truth (preferably two people who aren’t already playing another rpg within this meetup group). If you like sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, and uncovering mind-shattering secrets about reality, do join us, whatever your previous experience with role-playing games may be. We started playing this Trail of Cthulhu campaign in Spanish, so it’s a good chance for you to practice. We usually meet on Sunday afternoons and are quite generous with snacks. Non-tentacular snacks, we swear ;).

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