Traveller RPG: Session 0

UPDATE: Due to a lack of players the game will be postponed to a later date to be announce. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Have you ever wondered what the future of mankind will look like when we take to the stars? Would you like to pilot your own spaceship through the vastness of space, wander the streets of futuristic societies in distant planets and discover virgin alien ones? Or perhaps create a vast trade Emporium across the galaxy? Then Traveller is for you.

In this first session, we will create the player characters (the Travellers) and we will run a little adventure to get comfortable with the system. This can evolve into a campaign that will be designed for the type of play the players desire.

Enrique (Kike) will be your Game Master.

About the game:
Traveller is a science fiction roleplaying game set in the far future. With
laser guns, spacebattles and all the things we love about our sci-fi
movies and series.

We will be playing using the Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition (Also
known as Mongoose New Traveller).

Character creation, rather than being an exercise of architecture, is
directed by the player through the life choices of their character.
However, life can sometimes give you lemons. This ensures a varied cast
of characters that will (probably) already have some common

The system is based on 2D6 rolls mostly and, apart from that, you will
find the mechanics to be similar to those of popular RPGs.

What you will need:
· Dice if you want to use your own.
· Writing utensils (pen/pencil, eraser…).

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