First Landing

January 2018. After months receiving strange mathematical radio signals from an undetermined point in outer space, your SETI team has just deciphered the following message: ‘madrid parque de juan carlos i 21 01 2018 first landing’. First landing of who or what exactly? The implications are marrow-chilling. Is there a chance this is simply a game, set up by university students with too much time on their hands? Your bosses have decided it’s better to send you to check, in case you miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Unluckily for you, two other teams from the same organization have also been directed to attend the appointment with the mysterious entity. Rivalry has never been more bitter at SETI.
For this field trip ̶ that requires a minimum of 9 members of SETI staff to happen, with a maximum of 15 ̶ , you will be randomly teamed-up with other highly-qualified exobiologists. You will compete with enemy scientists throughout the park to solve riddles, complete tasks and unveil the nature of this momentous event. You will need:
-€8 entry fee;
-comfortable shoes, such as sport or hiking shoes. You will be walking for a long while, maybe even running;
-water & snacks/a packed lunch;
-a topped-up smartphone with Internet access and a working camera.
Who is coming (if anyone)? What are their intentions? Will they arrive as friendly guests or ruthless invaders? Be among the first ones to find out and have your name go down in History!

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