Shadows of Brimstone: Acts of Desparation

A private investor has convinced the local government to send out what remains of their law enforcers in a foolish attempt to regain control over the ravaged region. Of course many who have not been sufficiently brave or stupid have disobeyed the order and thrown away their copper badges in the face of this ridiculous endeavour. There are however some, who have only been waiting for an opportunity like this. After all there are weapons and provisions in these stagecoaches for an entire army! …and damn that bounty smells a lot like the way out of this blasted wasteland – that is if one can survive this ultimate, incommensurable carnage…

We will be playing two, custom created missions with the big theme of Law vs. Outlaw. The first mission will be protecting/pillaging the army convoy with the most exquisite weaponry making its way through frontier town; the second mission to chase down and kill the legendary “mother” creature, destroying the hive and making it out of whatever world we might find her in before the explosives detonate and everything goes up in fire, gore and darkstone shards.

As there is a fixed amount of gear/artifact cards in those wagons and everyone knows that five bags of gold shared among six is a lot less than five bags of gold, the entire adventure will not only be Law vs. Outlaw, but as well a constant weighing up whom you can trust and whom you might do without just fine.

Guest starring: Allies for your team (hired gunmen for Law // desperate townsfolk for Outlaw), new elite abilities for familiar enemies, an entirely new and mysterious mother creature, two diverse and loot packed custom adventures across multiple worlds (and tables).

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